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The National Construction Industry Council of Malawi (NCIC) was established in 1996 by an Act of Parliament (Cap. 53:05) of the laws of Malawi with a mandate to regulate, promote and develop the Construction Industry in Malawi, register persons engaged in the Construction Industry, co-ordinate training of persons engaged in the Construction Industry and generally for matters incidental to or connected with the Construction Industry.

In response to the outbreak of the Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19, and in view of the directive by the Malawi Government on the same, the Council would like to advise all Clients, Contractors, Consultants and Material Suppliers and Manufacturers to put in place measures to ensure that workers at construction sites are not being put at risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

The Council urges all parties to follow the guidelines as provided from time to time by the Ministry of Health in order to ensure that construction activities continue to operate safely. In this regard, the Council would like to remind all stakeholders in the Construction Industry on the following safety recommendations provided by health officials to be followed on all construction sites:
1. Communication on COVID-19: Information on COVID-19 need to be posted and communicated to all workers, including sanitization practices, ensuring physical distancing and how work will be scheduled. Employers must ensure everyone on site has a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities in health and safety;
2. Hand-washing facilities: Increase the number of hand-washing stations and encourage workers to frequently wash their hands with soap;
3. Practice physical distancing: Limit the number of workers to less than 50 at any one space at a time. Observe the recommended physical distancing as much as possible. Employers can stagger start times, breaks, meal breaks, etc. in order to minimise the number of people on site at all times. Furthermore, meetings should be held in open spaces;
4. Protective Wear: Workers should be provided with appropriate personal protective equipment such as masks all the times;
5. Maintain hygiene: Clean all common areas at the end of each day with appropriate disinfectants;
6. Isolation: Send anyone with COVID-19 symptoms home and require them to maintain 14 days of isolation. Immediately notify health officials at the nearest health facility or hospital.

The Council would like urge Clients and Contractors to work together to implement sanitation and infection control improvements on the construction sites.

The guidelines in this message do not address contract obligations or insurance coverages. These guidelines are in the interest of construction worker’s safety, health and well-being.

Clients and Contractors are advised to stay updated on the corona virus pandemic by regularly following updates from the Ministry of Health.

For any further enquiries related to this publication or any other safety matters, please contact Mr. Wiseman Chibwezo on 0999 894 440.

Linda M. Phiri (Ms)
Chief Executive Officer
National Construction Industry Council (NCIC)
Private Bag A146, Lilongwe
Tel: (265) 01 725 523/529/564
Fax: (265) 01 725 535

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