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What is the purpose of registering a construction company with NCIC?

The purpose of registering a construction company with the NCIC is to ensure that the company is licensed, that it meets the necessary legal requirements to operate in the construction industry and that it is recognized and trusted by the public. Registration makes a company eligible to carry out construction projects in Malawi, gives a company a platform to participate in knowledge sharing and networking platforms, and to participate in specialized trainings.

How can I register with NCIC in order to be able to execute construction projects in Malawi?

To register your construction company with NCIC, you need to fill in and submit an application along with the required supporting documents. Requirements for registration depend upon the class, specialization and category that you are applying for. However, you must ensure that your company is registered with the registrar companies and that it is tax compliant. Details of all requirements can be found on our website or can be obtained in person at any of our offices.

How long does it take to be approved after submitting an application document?

It may take up to 3 months to get an approval. This is because all applications are approved by the NCI board, whose meetings take place quarterly (every 3 months)

Can I start executing works as I wait for my registration approval

Operating in the construction industry in Malawi as a contractor or consultant is without being registered by the NCIC is illegal. It is important to ensure that your construction company is properly registered and licensed to avoid any legal action against you.

What is the process of upgrading to a higher category?

In order to upgrade to a higher category, contractors may use either the director’s technical qualifications or the firms’ work experience. The applicant is supposed to
submit a full document (as stated in Q2). An assessment is then done by a team from NCIC to verify the information submitted and then it goes for approval to the board.

Can I be regarded as a technical person if I have completed NCIC’s short courses only?

Technical Directors are those that have completed full courses such as Foremanship, Diplomas, Bachelors’ Degree in Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Architecture or any other relating to the construction industry.

How can I pay registration or renewal fees?

Registration and renewal fees are either deposited or transferred to the NCIC bank account (Stated below).
Bank Name: National Bank of Malawi
Account Name: National Construction Industry Council
Branch: Capital City Branch
Account Number: 1008385579
Cash is NOT accepted at any of the offices.

How long does it take after payment to get my official certificate?

It takes 14 days from the date of payment to get a certificate.

What do I need when renewing my certificate?

For annual renewals, registered members are required to:
a. Fill in a renewal form which can be obtained at or from any of the NCIC offices
b. Attach a valid Tax Clearance Certificate from Malawi Revenue Authority
c. Attach a valid Certificate of Business Registration from the Registrar of companies
d. Attach a valid Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority membership renewal (for Electrical Contractors)
e. Attach a valid Professional Board membership renewal (for Consultants)
f. Attach proof of payment for the renewal fees

Can I undertake a building project if I only have a Civil certificate (or vice-versa)?

A registration certificate in the Civil category allows a contractor to only bid and execute Civil works and vice versa. Failure to comply with this may result in legal or financial consequences.

What is the process of registering a joint venture?

Registration of a joint venture is done by filling in a joint venture form which can be obtained from The requirement for joint venture registration is that all parties involved have to be renewed with NCIC in their respective categories. The filled and duly signed form should be submitted to any of the NCIC offices and an official joint venture letter is prepared.