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Regulation and Standards

NCIC plays the role of ensuring that all contractors, consultants, material manufactures/suppliers and all players in the construction industry are operating within rules set forth in the NCI Act (1996) and codes of ethics (2009).

These rules require any player in the construction industry, local or foreign, to conform to.



NCIC works in liaison with various stakeholders identifying areas that need standards , or adoption of standards and coordinating the development of various standards for the construction industry and promoting the use and compliance of standards.

Organizations and all stakeholders that have observed any gaps in standards should communicate to the council for appropriate action.

So far in liaison with Malawi Bureau of standards, the Code of Practice for design loadings for buildings were created in 2010, this can be accessed from the downloads section.

The National Building Standards are currently under developments and should be finalized soon.


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Only those players that have been certified by the Council can carry out construction related activities in Malawi (NCIC Act section 20) Commitment to professionalism and ethical conduct.

All players in the industry are expected to give paramount consideration to issues of safety, health and welfare of the public; perform services only in areas of their competence; refrain from any corrupt practices and deceptive acts and to conduct themselves honorably and lawfully.

To ensure that the above requirements are met by all players in the industry, NCIC conducts regular monitoring activities and transgressors are disciplined accordingly.