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National Construction Industry Act

An Act to provide for the establishment of the National Construction Industry Council of Malawi, for the promotion and development of the construction industry in Malawi, for the registration of persons engaged in the construction industry, for the co-ordination of training of persons engaged in the construction industry and generally for matters incidental thereto or connected therewith ANACTED by the Parliament of Malawi. 

Construction Policy

This policy details the direction and intent of the Government of Malawi in facilitating infrastructure development in Malawi. This Policy aims at guiding the Construction Industry in ensuring an enabling environment for the development of a vibrant, efficient and sustainable local construction industry in line with the Vision 2020.

The Policy, therefore, provides a platform for the local construction industry to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities. It will also facilitate the effective and active participation of the local industry in the development, maintenance and management of the physical Infrastructure. 


The National Construction Industry Council of Malawi (NCIC) has a number of policies of which some are:

HIV and AIDS Policy

The construction sector is one of the most vulnerable to HIV and AIDS epidemic due to its highly mobile workforce. The employees often travel long distances and spend long periods away from their families. Moreover, the workers, who are mostly men, are often housed in an all-male environment for long periods hence likelihood of risky sexual behavior such as multiple concurrent sexual relations, a driving force of HIV spread. Therefore, the policy would assist in reducing the number of new infections which is still very high.