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It is mandatory for all contractors, consultants and construction material manufactures/suppliers, both local and foreign, to register with the Council before undertaking or completing any construction work in Malawi under Section 20 (1) of the NCI Act of 1996.

Anyone who undertakes to carry out any construction work without registering as a registered firm or company with the National Construction Industry Council commits an offence under this Act and if convicted may be fined or imprisoned as stipulated in Section 27.

Any firm applying for registration is advised to read the Procedures for Registration carefully before submitting the applications forms. These procedures outline definitions, classes, categories, requirements and principal steps in the registration procedure.

Firms are classified or categorized according to their demonstrated capacity to carry out construction works. Registered consulting firms are strictly prohibited from registering as contractors for fear of conflict of interest though they may register in other branches of consultancy as long as the requirements are fully met. Similarly contractors may also register in one or more branches of construction based on the demonstrated capacity..

Once registered, construction firms are required to renew their certificate of registration with the Council yearly otherwise they risk being struck off the registry (de-registration) as stipulated in Section 27 (b) of the NCI Act. Each class or category has its designated registration or renewal fees per year, see registration fees on the _____.

Contractors may upgrade from one class to the other after fulfilling upgrading requirements which shall be inspected and verified by the Council before decision is made.

All applications for registration or upgrading shall pass through Registration Committee for assessment and recommendations before final decision is made by the NCIC Board. The Board meets quarterly and the Councils financial year runs from 1st July to 30th June.

The Board’s meeting takes place fourteen (14) days after the meeting of the Registration Committee. All applications are required to be submitted to the Council at least fourteen (14) days before the Registration Committee meeting. Any applications that are submitted after the deadline shall be considered in the immediate set of meetings..