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List of registered construction firms as at 22nd April, 2021

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The National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) draws its mandate from the National Construction Industry (NCI) Act of Parliament (Cap 53.05 of the Laws of Malawi). The NCI Act (1996) provides for the establishment of NCIC to regulate, promote and develop the construction industry. It also defines powers and functions of the NCIC. Among others, the law mandates NCIC to keep and maintain a register for each category of all persons engaged in the construction industry in Malawi. It is with this background that NCIC is pleased to publish this register of all persons/firms duly registered to carry out construction works in Malawi as at 22nd April, 2021. This list is available on this link: NCIC Registered Companies as at 22nd April 2021

This list is also available on the NCIC NCIC Facebook Page “National Construction Industry Council-Malawi”.

For more information, contact NCIC using the following:

Chief Executive Officer

National Construction Industry Council (NCIC)

Private Bag A146


Tel: +265 887 829 505

Fax: +265 1 725 535


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