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The National Construction Industry Council was established by the National Construction
Industry Act(Cap.53:05,Laws of Malawi)to regulate ,develop and promote the
construction industry in Malawi. Under the Act, the Council has the mandate to keep and
maintain a register for each category of persons engaged in the construction industry.

The Council is reminding all players in the construction industry that all licenses for the
2022/2023 financial year expired on the 31st of March 2023.As such, the Council is
advising all companies registered with it to renew their licenses for the 2023/2024
financial year in compliance with Section20(1)of the NCI Act which stipulates that

“No person shall carry on business in the construction industry in Malawi unless he/she is
registered under the Act.”

The Council is therefore advising all concerned parties and the general public that only
persons that have renewed their annual licenses with the Council can legally operate in
the construction industry in the country.

For processing of renewals, the following documents are required to be submitted to the
1.Valid Business Registration Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation from the
Registrar General;
2.Valid Tax Clearance Certificate from Malawi Revenue Authority;
3.Valid Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority permit for electrical contractors;
4.Proof of renewal with relevant professional Boards or Institutions for Consultants;
5.Renewal form which can be obtained from NCIC offices or downloaded from
6.Proof of payment of renewal fees to the Council
Please be advised that only firms that have been duly confirmed to have been compliant;
with all regulations in the construction industry will be allowed to renew their licenses.

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